OFF-Page SEO Complete Guide 2019

Why your competitor gets ranks high and you get rank lower than him. Is your content not get a higher rank.

Why your competitor get upper rank than you even if its content is worthless.

This of because your competitor is doing off-page SEO means it is a different way to rank in google higher. 

It is a separate detailed article for Off-Page SEO, if you want previous article then click here.

Off-Page SEO Complete Guide

Off-Page SEO

It is different from On-Page SEO means here you have to build links not anywhere. 

But on those sites which have DA and PA is higher.

Now, I think you have a question if you are new in blogging that what is DA and PA?

DA means Domain Authority, It is developed by Moz, it state that how well a particular website get rank on google.

The DA is between 1 to 100. Those Websites who have higher DA gets higher rank in search results of Google.

PA means Page Authority, It is also Developed by Moz, It means that how well a particular page of website get rank in search result of Google.

It ranges from 1 to 100. It is the same as DA but here only page gets high rank in search result.

Off-Page SEO consist of Link Building, Guest Posting, etc. We'll cover this topic one by one. 

Link Building 

You have a query that what is link building, I think you must have heard about backlink.

It both are same. Link Building is a method to create backlinks or build a link of your website or your content. 

It works as, Suppose You have created a one backlink of your website then after some time google's crawler comes on that where you made backlink. 

During crawling the website it also crawl your link. Here google knows about your website. 

Google consider genuine your website. Because you created your website link on genuine website.

It increase the trust in Google's eye and google makes your rank high in its search results.

This is all concept of backlink and how to create backlink?

But I want to correct your one misconception that we have to create backlink on that site which has high DA and high PA. 

That's why I solve the query about DA and PA. 

Here's one question raise that-

Which code is used to create our website link.

Generally some website gives you facility to create a link. 

where you just click on the link button and only paste your link.

But some don't give you this type where you can use this code-

<a href="your link">text which is shown on link </a>

I already taught you about backlinks in SEO Tips.

This code helps you to create a backlink.

There are two types of backlink you must have heard about it are-

Do follow backlink

It is a type of backlink. It is mostly created backlink. when google crawls that website where you made your backlink.

If that link is do-follow then google crawler directly comes on your website or website page whatever you created link. 

That's why people generally create to increase the traffic of their websites then monetize and earn money

But due to more use of it can increase the spam score of your website when used low DA, PA website to create backlink.

It also penalized you by google.

How to check your link is Do follow backlink or no-follow backlink?

First of all, select the link that you created as a backlink.

Click the right button on the mouse and click on the inspect button.

Then you get some codes on the right side of the screen.

There you get some highlighted code. If there "no follow" is written.

Off-Page SEO Complete Guide

So, you created a no-follow backlink or "no-follow " word is written then you created do-follow backlink.

This is the way to found which backlink is do-follow or which one is no-follow.

No-Follow Backlink

It is less created Backlink. Generally, people create this type of link their website is penalized by google.

Suppose a google crawler scan or crawl the website where you made no-follow backlink of your website. 

I already taught you about "How to find backlink is do-follow or no-follow?"

when it crawls your link then it not comes to your website or webpage and goes ahead.

That's why people not create it generally. Because it does not increase the traffic of your website.

But according to google, it is necessary to create a no-follow backlink with a do-follow backlink.

You take it as a 3:1 ratio if you are creating a do-follow backlink then you must create one no-follow backlink.

That's why no-follow backlink is necessary.

How to check the spam score of the website?

The spam score tells you about your website condition is good or bad.

 The spam score is calculated between 1 to 100 in percentage. 
Spam Score should be 1%. Yes, it should be 1%. It is a free tool to check the spam score click here

If your spam score is more than 4-5%. Otherwise, it does negative SEO of your website and affects your ranking.

You can check below in chart

Off-Page SEO Complete Guide
Image from monitor backlinks

How to remove bad backlinks  

Bad backlinks is very harmful for the website. 

Generally, it's work to decrease the ranking of your website just opposite to positive SEO

It can be created by your hater

Removing of bad backlink is a very easy process but it can affect your ranking.

I am using Neil Patel because it is free and effective.

First of go to Neil Patel and go in backlink section.

Insert your domain name and click on search.

Click on the follow button then you get your do-follow link list simply click on export CSV.

Filter it according to low domain score and paste the low domain score link list in notepad, leafpad, etc.

Go to Google Disavow select your property.

Click on disavow link and after reading the warning again click on disavow link.

Select your(.txt) file and click the done button.

This process takes time to remove bad backlinks.

This process makes your website very well after some time and ready to defeat the competitors.

List of high DA PA website for Backlinks

It contains .org and .gov links with high DA and PA which gives you a great growth

Note that this links both do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

 I checked it these links on 9/2019 so these sites have high DA and PA

You can check it before using them.

Hud user
Tiny Buddha 
Freedom Sponsors 
Signal Hound 
Frontiers in 

Here is Off-page SEO explanation in Hindi by very good Digital marketer

Guest Posting

It is one of the ways of Off-Page SEO. It is the most secure way to create the backlink of your website.

Here you don't worry about Bad backlinks.

Which decrease your Ranking. But here you grow positively day by day.

Guest Posting work as a There are many websites which allow you to post your content on their website. 

There you can insert your website link or your content link on the post. 

There are verification steps, so, first of all, you have to complete the verification steps before posting your post.

Google considers this type of link good because this link is inside the content, in bonus you get do-follow link and posted on high DA and PA website.

That's google and consider the guest posting more than backlinks.

The guest posting method grows you quickly and increase your site DA and PA also.

It is one website which allows guest posting is lets blogging.

Image from lets blogging

Some Important Websites for doing Off-Page SEO

Actually these websites I already told about it. But here I explain it deeply.

So, these tools help you rank higher than your competitor.

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your website.

The paid tools like Ahref, Moz, etc. One out of two tool sufficient for complete analysis for your competitor.

Here you can check his backlink, keyword through which his content rank on Google, and many more details about his website.

These tools give full of any domain. But this paid tool everyone can't afford.

That's some best free tool in the market exist and names are ubbersuggest, Smallseotools, Lxrmarket place, etc.

These tools not accurate but gives you approx analyzed data of your competitor or a particular domain. 

This is especially for beginners and those who can't afford paid tools. According to me this tool is very well for beginner.

 Here a beginner learns many things about a website to make it highly ranked.

These free tools also gives you many free small tools to improve your website and analyze your competitor's website.

 You can read the blog of Neil Patel to know more about the traffic and SEO and practically applied on your website.

He is well known as one of the best digital marketers in the world. 

He is a specialist in increase traffic of your website.

This is all about the free and paid tools for your website.



According to me, with the Off-page SEO and On-page SEO is also important it creates good image in the eye of Google and increase your ranking.

Doing Off-page SEO of your website will increase the probability of good in Google.

But doing On-page SEO will increase rank higher than before definitely. 


Website for Backlinks, details from Techno Vedant.

Off-Page SEO details from Intellectual Indies

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