SEO tips | Off page SEO | on page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting

What is Seo?

Everybody knows about this topic “SEO means Search Engine optimization. 

Which ranks the content according to there keyword. 

It is said unpaid listing otherwise it can be done by apply advertising in google using Google AdWords.” 
SEO tips | Off page SEO | on page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting

Here’s one question raise so that How to rank in google don’t worry about it we’ll give you it’s solutions.
So in this topic, we’ll talk about it in detail and cover the on-page SEO, off-page SEO.

 And the Backlinks, which is the part of off-page SEO and very more thing we’ll discuss with you.
 How to rank in Google and earn through Adsense. And in the bonus we’ll give tips.

 How to improve your website view, speed, spam score, etc. So let start’s it-

SEO Tips

It is not based on the part prefer many part to rank on google. So the tips –

Keyword Research

It is the most initial and most important method to get traffic on your blog, on your content and website through google.

 So here’s one question raise what is keyword? 
This means it is the one which your whole article will be written on that particular word. 

Which has high volume, high cps(Cost per click) but low competition.
 So what’s the meaning of above terms we have taking –
High volume
High volume means that you should have that type of keyword which has more number of searches in Google per month than other keywords.
 It can be 100/mo, 10,000/mo, and 100,000/mo.

 According you should take that keyword which has more than around 5000/mo to 10,000/mo. 
If you don’t understand it there is a screenshot which helps you.
High CPC
CPC stands for Cost Per Click means high CPC will give you more earning than low CPC. 
Example price the advertiser must have pay for his ads in per click and whatever

 it has just know about the high helps you to how to earn more and screenshots will understand you perfectly.

Low Competition

Everybody knows about the Competition. Sports competition, drama competition, blah, blah, blah, etc.

 It is not that competition it is little bit different competition. 

The number of bloggers, content writers, advertisers using the particular keyword. 
So that’s why you should write an article on low competitive keyword.  
According to our competition between 0.01 to 0.3 will helps you to rank on google more efficiently.

SEO tips | Off page SEO | On page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting

Some Important Tools for Keyword

There are many tools which blow your mind But some free and paid tools which make your work easier than before. 
Here is one attention that free tools don’t have accurate data it can be 60-90 % accurate and maybe 90 above.  
Therefore according to us, you should use paid tools if you have some money to invest. 

Otherwise, if you are a new blogger or apprentice here so you should use free as a learning and 

after a time if you become professional then you can buy and use it. 
Some essential tools for keyword – Keyword EverywhereUbberSuggest, Keyword RevealerLXR MarketplaceMoz(30 days free),  Keyword Planner, etc. These are free tools.
AhrefMoz premium version, etc. These two is enough for whole research for keyword, backlinks, competitive analysis, tracking competition.
There is one free tool for the analysis of keywords, image compression, competition analysis that is LXR Marketplace it does not give you an accurate result. 
But excellent work for not a single dollar.

Writing Content

Writing Content is a very profitable job nowadays good content writers get highly paid they are skilled to give very detailed information to their users. 
Well for writing content for SEO there is also a tool for writing SEO friendly articles.
For to take detailed or full information check our other article how to write a blog or article.

Tips for best content are-

  • Collect all the information for your article.
  • Use no copyrighted images for better understanding for user images sites- pixabay, pexels, unsplash and use screenshots.
  • Use alt text in images.
  • Internally linked your post with each other so traffic probability may increase.
  • Apply other websites link according to their need to make your content more user-friendly and more understandable.
  • Use H1, H2, H3 heading to make it more beautiful.
  • Use Bold, Italic for highlighting the words.
  • Last and most important use Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress to make it more SEO friendly by its instructions.
  • write some 3 to 4 line meta tag which is shown just below the title in google searches.

Guest Posting

It is the most important topic for a beginner. 

It is essential for a beginner to get traffic on its websites or content and become popular in the blogging world.
 It just posts your content on other’s popular website through that you get traffic by internal linking not backlinking of your website and they get unique articles for their website.
 Some Suggested websites Lapaas, Medium.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a type of SEO in which we rank our website or content in google. Without creating backlinks and without doing off-page SEO activities.  
The on-page SEO gives a peak performance to the website and get visible on the targeted audience and get organic traffic. 
It works internally as compared to off-page that worked as on the basis of external links, posting links in other comments sections.
According to us, you should put your more effort in On-page SEO than off-page SEO.  
Because it increases your DA(domain authority), PA(page authority), value of your websites with best organic traffic with no, but in off-page SEO.
 It is just like a cheap work to create links on other website. We’ll talk about it later it is also a huge topic to discuss.
So in the on-page SEO, to rank in google there are some basis or requirements to fulfill and get better results.


The title is what people see firstly in search engine, it indicates what is your content? 

to google and google indexed according to its type that’s why title is important for any content. 
It is summarized one or two line of your whole content and google also increase the character length limit up to 70. 

So make your Title attractive and make it which defines the whole content in few lines.

Meta tags

As we discuss above. It most compulsory portion in SEO because after reading the title second number will be for meta tag. 
Meta tags are used to give information about our content to increase our probability to get higher rank in google.
 Meta tags are used for user's satisfaction with the content.

User-Friendly Content

User-friendly content is described version of the above point. 

It is one of the factors to rank in google nowadays internet is just like the biggest library in the world. 
All information about anything is on the internet. There is lots of content on the internet.

 so the number of duplicating probability is also increased. 
So here is our line that you should not use copyrighted content in your content without any permission. 

If you wrote something and you check plagiarism it get less 20% plagrism then it is ok according to google. 

But it is above 20% then change some words of copyrighted lines and recheck it again. 
Do this process again if some problem happens.

Meta Description

Are you know about the meta description?
if you don’t let’s check it. It is seen just below the website URL in the search engine.

 It gives information about your content shortly or summarized.
 So that he/she can understand that your content belongs to which category and gives user satisfaction.
 The search engine scans the meta description and determines the topic. This little bit maybe increase the chance to get users on your website.
SEO tips | Off page SEO | on page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting

Heading Tags

Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress recommends that using of heading tag makes your content more SEO friendly. 
By using it, it subdivides your content in different-different parts so that the user can easily read easily and makes it SEO friendly.
You can content like for main heading h1 tag, subheading h2 tag below subheading h3 tag. 

This will gives you more traffic from google.
 You can use the Yoast plugin which will help for heading tag and making SEO friendly content.

Google Algorithm

If you have the small content then forget it that it’ll rank in google because competition is increasing day by day. 
Remove spam links from your website if you don’t know what is spam links click here.

Insert the link URL in the URL box and check your link spam must be less than 5% if it is more then remove it. 
Don’t think about only money just think about how to serve more people to answer them.

According to their question because of the algorithm.

Internal & Outbound Linking

It is just like backlink but not completely in internal linking. It is the method or trick to engage users on your website. 
By offering different content links to your websites.
 It decreases your bounce rate which is a good thing.
Now you have question what is bounce rate
It is a particular time period of the user when he/she visited your website. It is both directly proportional to each other. 
So when user come and exit your website quickly. 
Therefore in the eye of Google, it is kind of spam so as you decrease it you may get good results.
Outbound linking is a type of linking in which you place your link in your content which helps the user to understand the topic easily.
 By this content become more user-friendly and SEO friendly.

Alt Texting in Image

You understood by the heading, if you already know about it so you can skip otherwise read it carefully because it is very essential. 
The image is above which explain it, how to do it. It is just inputted your topic title in the alt text of all image of your content.
SEO tips | Off page SEO | On page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting

Mobile(Smart Phone) Friendly

Nowadays, Google preferred that website. Which is mobile friendly and over 50% of people surf the internet through mobile. 
Choose the website template which is mobile friendly and SEO friendly.
You can buy themes both free or paid, free one is less attractive than a paid template. 

According to us you should use a paid theme.

Speed of Website

Speed is matters because you can do everything your site got fabulous result in everything but your website is slow in loading files through server then your website gets never ranked in google and never more traffic.
 To solve this problem you should use better hosting to increase your website speed.

 According to us your should within 2-3 seconds.
 It is the psychological test which tells us that a normal human being has around 8 second waiting capacity.

 This psychological facts is very important for us.
 If your website takes time nearly 8 seconds so congratulations you lose one customer.
 You must load 2-3 seconds but not more than 5 seconds in mobile(Smart Phone) and Desktop both.

Off-Page SEOBacklinks

It is the external part or method to rank quickly in google. But it is not a reliable method but it’s work.
It is also known as link building let understand with example
Suppose I have a website my DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) is zero means I'm a beginner if I want to rank my website in google quickly so what I should do?
There is one method called backlinking or link building.


If you to want make trust quickly and rank in google so Backlink is very useful for you. 
Actually 90% On-page SEO matter which shows the real value of your website and responsible for your site traffic. 

It is just a side method you get little result than SEO.
 Let Understand with example-
Suppose I have a website I want to rank it in google and want quick result. 

So for it, I have to search for some sites which more than 40 DA and PA and less than 5% spam score according to me. 
If you don’t know to get a spam score of website click here. Here’s one question remains that how to create backlink?

It is damn simple just go to the comment section of that website's blogs and just write any comment.

According to the blog and in the end create a link to your website or content link. By using code-
<a href=”Your link”>click here</a>
Then how to find these type of websites it is simple just go to the Drop link choose a category.

 According to you and get a list of backlinks websites. 
Always remember spam score must less than 5%.
Some recommended websites are-
It is the most popular websites which used for backlinks for us.

It has very high DA, PA and low spam score and removes the link of that website which has a high spam score, that you made before reading this article.

SEO tips | Off page SEO | on page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting SEO tips | Off page SEO | on page SEO | Backlinks | Guest Posting Reviewed by Mr.Friend on September 02, 2019 Rating: 5


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