Wordpress vs blogger | Advantages of blogger | Wordpress plugin

Is Wordpress is better than blogger? Are you not satisfied with blogger? Do you know about the blogger very well? Is Wordpress gives you better plugins, features, and themes than blogger?

 Wordpress vs blogger | Advantages of blogger | Wordpress plugin

Wordpress vs Blogger

Wordpress, What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a website which gives you a user-friendly environment, plugins, features, appearance, tools etc to create your own website and improve its progress professionally.

Different from Wordpress,

Blogger is a product of Google which gives facility and free services like websites hosting, free sub-domain. By it, you can write an unlimited blog and its hosting is very good it can bear around 200k number of people visits on your website at one time.

You get one a question in your mind that, what is sub-domain?

Well, sub-domain is a subpart of a particular domain. Like blogger gives a sub-domain in free of cost.

It gives you .blogspot.com which is looking odd.

They both have very good features, to differentiate it and finds which one is better so let's explore it.

Then read it carefully, I'll show how Wordpress gives advance feature than blogger and features of blogger which you must not have seen anywhere.

The topics we discuss in this article-

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using Wordpress.
  • Merits and demerits of using blogger.
  • Best Wordpress plugins.
  • Wordpress features and information about hosting, domain and many more.
  • And my conclusion about Wordpress and blogger.

Advantages(Benefits) of using Wordpress

Are you using Wordpress?

If the answer is yes, then you get amazing features, themes and many more things.

Here we talking about it is very deep so read it carefully.

Wordpress is an individual website. It is different from Google and it's websites network.

Wordpress is free of cost platform that anyone can use and takes the benefits of its tools, themes, and plugins. It's thems is very responsive and attracts the consumers or customer which visits your website.

By it you upgrade your site easily and it doesn't take any long process for upgrading.

Wordpress gives you fabulous themes, features, plugins and gives user-friendly environment to build his website and get good results.

Firstly we talk about the plugins, the plugins have a very major role in everything like- building websites, helping and giving about to rank in Google and much more.

It gives you the advice and solves your problem that may be "How to write a blog that ranks in Google ?", and "How to increase our website speed ?"

The Wordpress website gives you a fabulous touch and feel rather than a blogger.

The blogger has a very limited amount of themes. But in Wordpress, there are a lot of theme for websites including paid and free themes.

Templates are used in blogger as a website theme. Which don't have fantabulous looks.

A one question remaining in your website that

How to install and activate plugin in our Wordpress account?

To install and activate plugin in Wordpress account are following-

  • Go to your Wordpress account.
  • Go to plugin section.
  • Click on it and click on add new.
  • Again click on add new.
  • Search plugin which you to install.
  • Click on install button.
  • This takes a few seconds.
  • And in the last click activate button to activate it.
  • And enjoy your plugin.

These steps help you for "How to install Wordpress theme on our website? "

  • Simply go to the Appearance section in your Wordpress account.
  • Click themes button.
  • Click add new themes.
  • Choose any theme and click install button.
  • If you want to check how the theme looks then simply click the preview button.

Disadvantages of using Wordpress

If you want to use Wordpress then there are some advantages and disadvantages of thing. So similarily this thing fits here.

Wordpress also has its disadvantages and they are following-

  • If you want to use Wordpress you must buy a domain that takes a number of amount of money. It gives you a different identity in the web world.
  • You have to buy good hosting for your Wordpress website.
  • There are also free hosting comes but that web hosting takes large time to process that's why it decreases the speed of the website and decrease the value of website in the eye of a user.
  • According to me you should use Hostinger which is one of the best hosting and domain provider.
  • Your website doesn't have a type of security which google gives in the blogger.
  • You can make your website security better but not like the google security.
  • Because Google is a very secure network and blogger comes under google which makes it high security.
  • Wordpress is an open-source platform in which we install theme and plugin as in trust.
  • But we don't know about which plugin has a bug, which theme has a plugin. So, this is one of the negative points of Wordpress.

Advantages of using blogger

Blogger is one of the products of Google. Which gives you a facility to write an article and on your own website.

Blogger is a very good platform for newbies, for those who don't have any knowledge about blogging and want to become a blogger in the future like Harsh Agarwal and many more.

Blogging is a vast career it is just based on sharing the information with the audience, answer the question of the audience and satisfy them.

Well, come on the topic-

Blogger has its advantages and disadvantages just like Wordpress.

I think you have one doubt that "How to add a custom in my blogger website?"

Here is the solution in Hindi -

Here we are talking about the number of advantages of blogger are-

  • It is an open platform, just like Wordpress, it is also an open platform that anyone use it.
  • Free web hosting
    • Google gives free web hosting and trust of unlimited traffic means an unlimited number of users can visit your website or individual at one time.
    • I heard from somewhere, around 200k users can visit at one time.
  • It gives you free subdomain. I told you above about the subdomain.
  • It is a very good point for newbies and for those who don't have much money to buy their own domain.
  • Blogger also gives setting to customize your subdomain into own or personal domain.
  • Like- www.mrfriendz.blogspot.com to www.mrfriendz.in, this is my custom domain. which I made in blogger.
  • It gives better security than Wordpress because it is the product of Google that's it.
  • Google has a very high and tight security and has a very low number of probability of bugs or any virus.
  • This is why Blogger is very good on a security basis.

If you want to add template in your blogger website then follow these steps-

  • Go to blogger account.
  • Go to in theme section.

 Wordpress vs blogger | Advantages of blogger | Wordpress plugin

  • Click on Edit HTML button.

 Wordpress vs blogger | Advantages of blogger | Wordpress plugin

  • Remove old website codes.
  • Paste the new code of template.
  • Click on Save theme button.
Here some Screen may help you.

This Video Guides you how to write a blog in Hindi and you can also see my article which guides fully how to write a blog?

Disadvantages of using blogger

The Following are the disadvantages of using blogger are-

Lack of plugins, themes and tools

Blogger has only a limited amount of theme. This makes blogger lower. You can add third party template but that haven't look and feel like Wordpress themes.

Blogger doesn't have plugins it has some features which work like Wordpress plugins.

Updraftplus which is used for website data backup. In blogger, there is one feature for backup and there are many features that blogger doesn't have like Yoast SEO.

It is very useful for making your content or article SEO friendly.

Best Wordpress Plugins

The following are the best plugins in my eye which can improve your website performance-


Akismet is a very powerful tool. it gives a service about to filter the spam comment in your post. Spam comment is very important to remove them.

If you don't do it, so it can produce a negative impact on your website and decreases your ranking in Google.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is used for securing your website from hackers. Hackers can implants the malicious code in your website, become the boss of your website and take control on your website.

They can change the small setting of your website and delete your post. It is Disasterous.


In Wordpress, the all data of your website is in the hosting server. Unfortunately, if your website data is lost from your hosting server.

Then you'll get a huge problem. To solve it UpDraftPlus plugin is used. By it, you can backup your website data and free from heavy data loss.

Yoast SEO

It is one of the most important plugin for blogger. Every write his blog. It gives help you to create your blog SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

Yoast SEO increases the probability of ranking of your post in Google searches. The plugin is user-friendly for user, user can easily write his blog while seeing the readability and use focus keyword feature.

The readability feature tells in two parts one is improvements and the second one is a good result.

The good results shows your post satisfy and fulfill all the requirement but the improvement shows the lacks of your post it may be- transition words, Flesch reading ease, passive voice, consecutive sentences, etc.

 Wordpress vs blogger | Advantages of blogger | Wordpress plugin


This plugin comes by default in Wordpress. If you already installed Wordpress. You have to only activate it. It improves your website performance.

WP Smush

It is a very good plugin for image compressing. It is mostly useful for bloggers and writers. If you have any website so this plugin can change your website speed.

Here a question raises-

How an image compressor can increases the website load time?

Simple if you have any image which has around 200kb. Your post's text will load easily but image takes longer time to load.

By this plugin, your image compresses up to 100kb(not fixed, but around value) and it decreases load time. web hosting matters but it is also an important factor for load time.

According to me, your website load time should less than 8 seconds. Because according to Psychology the waiting team of any person is around 8 seconds.

If you have more than 8 seconds then you are losing your precious traffic.

W3 Total Cache

It is also very helpful in increasing the speed of the website by clearing the useless caches of website.


If you want to change your post link without losing any backlink that linked with your post link(permalink). If you don't know about the backlink click here.

It changes your permalink(post link) and redirects to the original link. It manages 301 redirect of your website.

By this plugin, your backlink will not go to be waste and your permalink also change.

But there is one question from me to you -

Is Backlink increase the bounce rate of the website?

If you know about it please comment.

Contact Form 7

If you want to create a contact form for your website then contact form7 is a very good plugin for creating beautiful and attractive contact form. Contact form is a very essential part of your website.

Contact form is an essential and important thing for taking approval for Adsense.

If you don't know about Adsense the click here.

There are many plugins which gives facility to make contact form but Contact Form 7 plugin is the best plugin for making a contact form in my eye.

If you are using blogger, so you can't use this plugin but if have one suggestion for you. You can use Google docs. You see the video below.

Supporting Websites for Blogger

Here we are just talking about the supporting websites, not the Wordpress and not the blogger.

In the bonus point here I'll give some knowledge about websites that play an essential role in blogging.

Google trends

Google trends is also very useful to find keywords or topics. It shows the latest trending keyword country wise.

By it, you'll get trending keyword, topic and many more researches which Google has.

There are many other keyword tools that you can use are- Keyword revealer, Keyword planner, Moz(Paid and free for 30 days), Ubbersuggest, etc.

Small SEO tools

It is a very fabulous website for newbies for who are new in blogging. The all tools are of this website are free of cost and gives not fix like Ahref report but around 60% to 80% correct report.

For visiting websites click here

There are many tools like -

Plagiarism checker gives the report about the uniqueness of your article or content.

Word counter counts the number of words present in your content.

Grammar checker checks spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes present in your content.


Now, it is the end part of my article which shows the conclusion of the whole article.

According to me, Wordpress is better than blogger because it has not any restriction from google it is just an individual website in itself.

In the bonus, it has lots of plugins, tools, and features which makes it upper from blogger in my eye.

There is some investment in domain and hosting. This makes it more powerful.

Now the main conclusion is, if you are new in blogging and don't any experience so you should use blogger and after, around a year.

If you are earning money blogging then you use Wordpress. It is just my suggestion if you like it thanks otherwise you can do what you want.

If you know more about the Wordpress vs Blogger (Hindi) then you can see the below video-
Video from techno vedant

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