Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

Best keyword research

Is your Competitor's traffic is gradually increasing from your website? Your Competitor is growing faster than you? 

Are you not getting better results after spending many hours?

I think you should need the best keyword researching tools to get increase your monthly traffic and money-making probability also.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

Let's get started !!

Note- Read Conclusion for Tips to rank on Google. 

Here, I wanna share with you five different free keyword research tools that you can use to create better content.

This is different from my old SEO tips in the previous article there I told you about SEO's latest SEO which really works to rank on Google and along with that.

I told you about free or paid keyword research tools for beginner and professional blogger.

to make sure that you can rank for certain keywords for search engine optimization.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

And also get highly targeted traffic and followers to your website. Some of these tools are free to use all the time.

Other tools you can just use for a brief period of time before you have to pay or wait until the next day.

But either way, they're gonna help you discover what keyword you really need to be paying attention to.

And make sure you stick around till the end because I'm gonna show you. 

How to actually use other people's websites to determine what keywords you should be ranking for too.

Now really quick, full disclosure. I'm am not an SEO expert, I don't work at an SEO company.

 But I do use these tool to help point me in the right direction.

Keyword Research

Now if you understand SEO, you probably already know a lot more than I do.

All right so four important data points that we're gonna be looking for and discovering through the tools in this video.

Number one is the search volume.

Typically it's showing us how often a keyword is being searched for within a month. Number two, related keywords.

That's keywords that are similar or that people are typing in that kind of relate to that first one that we had, that way we can actually see.

If, well maybe we should target that other one instead and actually get a feel for what the search volume is there too.

And then finally, number three, the competition.

How competitive might that keyword be for us to try and rank for it.

The fourth one is CTR(Click through rate) means
Click-through rate (CTR) is an incredibly important concept in search engine marketing. The simplest definition is that click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing your ad. (In mathematical terms: CTR = Clicks/Impressions.)
By WillMarlow

Keyword Research Tools

All right, so it's time to dive into the tools and you might be thinking.

Google Adwords(Keyword Planner)

The first one I'm gonna share with you is the Google Adword's Keyword tool but guess what, it's not.

Although that's a great tool and it's free and open to use all the time, unfortunately.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

It only gives you a limited amount of data that you can pull, which these other tools will pull from plus give you even more.

So the keyboard planner, it's all right. But let's dive into the first one right now.


All right, next up we have Or obviously

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

So, it has the ability to have just a couple searches for free before you sign up.

If you sign up for free, you get five additional searches so I'm just gonna use it once here. 

But it is really powerful and I would recommend you check it out.

You can subscribe to get more searches if you'd like, but here we go.

This is the homepage here and if you just type in something like keto diet. This is what you'll find. Find keywords.

Now what I really like about this tool is just the layout and the look of all this information. It's quite easy to understand.

For example, here on the left-hand side, you're seeing other suggestions and the related search volume. 

The cost per click like before.

But then you're also seeing here something, competition in PPC which is the same thing that competition thing.

 Like I talked about earlier.

That's not anything you wanna look at. But Unfortunately many other tools, you're also seeing Competition also.

You'll also see something similar here when you look at the Google SERPs or search engine results pages.

But it's also giving you some background information about them.

For example, the domain authority(DA), page authority(PA),  the rank through Moz which is a fabulous SEO company.

MozTrust, and a few other things.

Links are external links that are pointing back to the website.

And then also Facebook shares which do play a role in search engine rankings as well.

And you have some data now to analyze what it might take.

Now it's not gonna happen overnight, but it is something that if you create something worth and has value in it, it can get shared.

 It can get linked to and that's how you slowly climb the search engines there.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

Now you can see here on the left-hand side with related to these suggested keywords. 

You can get a sense of how competitive these keywords are.


Now, a similar tool that many people like is called Semrush.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

And actually, when I was doing a lot of my niche site research back in the day, this is the tool that I absolutely loved.

Because these other ones didn't exist, this is just very reliable and it also shows me in a very beautiful way information that I need.

Okay so here we are at the homepage of SEM Rush.

And I'm logged into my account so I can have access to a few more free searches.

You get a limited number of searches every single day after you sign up.

And what's really cool here is you can type in a keyword like we did before.

Keto diet, and hit enter. And it's gonna give you a lot of similar information to what we saw before.

But I also love that it's showing us the trends too.

 I think that's really important because if it's trending down you might wanna actually look at targeting.

 A different keyword or trying another related keyword that people are typing in more.

We're gonna see a lot of the similar things like the volume and the costs per click.

If you scroll down you're gonna see some of the top pages in the search results.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

But where I really love to use this tool is actually putting in websites and then getting information about those websites.

certain keywords that may also be targeting as well.


All right, next up we're gonna talk about a tool that's very popular in the social media space, but not so much known as a keyword research tool.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

But I think it's important for keyword research because based on the keywords that you want to target.

 you're gonna look for content that is being shared.

That's gonna give you some ideas in terms of what's hot right now so that you can get a better chance of getting shared as well.

 Sharing and social media play a role in search engine rankings.

So let's dive into this tool called Buzzsumo. Now what I love about Buzzsumo is that when you type in a keyword.

It gives you a lot of information about okay, well what are people sharing about that topic right now.

Keywords do play a role in social media and this is where again, you can gather some more information using this tool called Buzzsumo. 

Apart from the topic, Google's search console. That is something you should already have access to.

This is something you should set up in the early stages of building your website.

So that Google can start to collect data for you and give you some good information about.

well what needs help, how things are going. Especially related to keywords that you are ranking for.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword revealer is a free tool which provides you around 80-100% correct information about your keyword.

Best keyword research tools and tips 2019

It is a very small tool it gives you some limited keyword search on their websites.

If you are using the free version. 

It gives you information about Volume(searches per month), CPC(Cost Per Click), Total number of words.

Difficulty level of particular keyword.


So above I have taught you about how to research keywords? and about keyword research tools.

which helps you to find the best keyword according to your content.

In this, I want to give you some to improve your Keywords and rank #1 on Google:-

Always use Best, Top, etc type keyword in your main keyword, It increases the trust of your website in the eye of users.

Use a Long tail keyword.

Always Use the most popular words on the Internet in your main keywords.

Use numeric or number in your keyword So that it looks

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