Best Guide for google webmaster tools 2020

Best guide for google search console tools for beginner's 2020

Best Guide for google websmaster tools 2020

Are you want to get the best rank for your website?

I think you worried about your ranking and most people who don't have much so they are looking for organic traffic from Google.

Here's one question raise that How to rank on Google organically? so on this topic, I have already written a very valuable article on this topic please read them.

I am damn sure you'll get your best solution.

Organic traffic means free traffic from Google. Here many people are here to rank on over you. How to outrank them?

This is the main question for the new blogger.  There many paid tools that can help you.

But no one is perfect as Google. 

Yes, Googe has free Tool called Google search console that will help you and tells you about the issues of your website.

Here you get daily update report of your website. For removing your confusion  Google webmaster and Google search console are the same.

Means in 2015 Google rebranded Google search console from Google webmaster. 

If you have any terms problem then don't worry about it.

The most important thing is that Google search console is totally free just add your website submit your sitemap and ranks on the top.

This tool has trusty of Google and perfectness like Google also.

By using Google Search console you can increase your probability to succeed in ranking.

Here is the initial point of Google Search console

Adding your property (website)

This is the first step to add your property means website in search console the basic need is you must have google account through which you can add your website.

Here is two parts one is Domain and the second one is Url Prefix you can choose one of them.

By click add property on the top of the left corner of the web page.

 Put your website name here make sure here Http and Https are considered as different website.

So be careful about it. After it you have to verify your site by different there are many ways Google provides you. 


After completing the verification you'll see this page tells about the performance overview of your website.

Best Guide for google websmaster tools 2020

There are many tools you see after the overview like performance, url inspection, coverage, sitemap, speed, mobile usability.

All these tools have different-different specialty in different works.

Overview is a rough overview of the performance of your website like how much clicks you get in search engine results impressions, valid pages and many more.

On which keyword your ranking, CTR, Average position of your website.

The valid page tells you how many pages indexed in search engine results. it shows any error while crawling any page of your website.

By this process, google get the data about referral domain for your website and redesign your ranking by it.

By url inspection, you can explore and submit your new post in Google.


Basically, this shows your website coverage area means how many pages valid, how many are excluded from search engine and many more.

That's it is excluded from all other tools. It plays an important role on your website ranking, it gives you meaning information like-

Number of error according to me you must have zero number of errors in your website.

Because it clears your image in Google's eye and you become separated from the list of spammy websites.

Number of warning this also important area all the rules are also applied here you must have zero Number of warning pages.

And now here valid pages means healthy and SEO friendly pages which are already indexed in Google search results. 

And don't have any issue now.

Excluded pages It is just the opposite of a valid page means the number of pages that are not indexed in search results. 

You can change it by changing your robots.txt. This txt file is instruction for google crawler.

Here's the robots.txt generator that helps you to create your own robots.txt according to your websites.

It is an intellectual thing because this tool can save your website from outranking.

You can choose which page should index and which should not. Above tools is very helpful for you.


The next one is sitemap. Basically, a sitemap is just a map of your website which shows which things are placed or positioned where.

By the sitemap, Google determine the pages or post that your website have. And index them as their algorithm.

Best Guide for google websmaster tools 2020

If you don't submit your sitemap then this mistake can trouble you because you can't get enough traffic on your website. 

Sitemaps are submitted in XML format.

And they can't contain more than 50,000 URLs and if you cross the limit then you have to split sitemap into multiple files and then submit in Google Search console.

If you don't have technical knowledge then you can try XML-sitemaps that can help you to get your website sitemap free and easily. 

There you have to only paste or type your URL and just hit enter and after a few times, you'll get your URL.

After completion of submitting a sitemap.

Google will show you the result that how many pages of your websites are indexed don't worry if your pages are less indexed.

Just remove mistakes I am telling you here read it very carefully because this can increase the number of pages.

The first thing you have to do is your article must unique and if you don't how to check it then click on this free tool to check plagiarism.

Title and meta descriptions must be simple not so much complicated.

And don't forget that you have to try that all of the pages must be indexed.

Mobile Usability

This tool shows is your site is mobile-friendly or not? 

Here you can check which page of your website is mobile-friendly or not here you also get valid pages and errors.

You can increase you valid page in mobile by setting up mobile and SEO friendly templates in blogger and themes in wordpress.

Here also one thing applies that you have to keep your error page zero.


Loading speed is very essential for any website which wants to beat their competitors in Google search results.

Best Guide for google websmaster tools 2020

Image from page speed check by Google 

In this tool, you check your website loading speed in just a few minutes.

Your website speed must be less to get a good rank because Google also sees this factor.

You can check it by clicking here and recommends Gtmetrix because it gives you comprehensive result and it is also used by Pro Blogger's also.

Manual action

It basically means that it notifies you when someone spams you. It is very important as respect to check spam.

Google algorithm checks your website frequently and shows issues when held.

Actually often you see "No issues detected" but when you have any issue then it won't show. You have to fix this issue quickly. 

And check how did this happen.


By this name, you can predict the work of this tool. Yes, you are right this tool is only for links.

 These links are of two types internal and external links.

For your information links are of two types internal and external links. Internal links mean links which refer to the same website. 

And external links is just opposite of internal links means links refer to other website.

The way internal linking is the best way to get Good rank which I have already taught you in the previous article click here.

If you want to see to get more traffic then read it.

As you can see making my best article link here.

By doing this Google thinks that this page is important and by doing this in every post. 

It produces very large impact and helps in getting good ranking.

And if you don't do this as well or did not then you have to put more effort into different SEO techniques and making backlinks.

The links refer to other websites is known as backlinks.

Let's explain with example

Suppose you are writing an article links website which relevant to your article and helps to explain your article very well.

It produces a positive impact on Google eye's but keep in mind that the website must be similar to your article. 

But making backlink is very hard nowadays and most valuable thing to make quality backlink which has 60+ DA and PA and 1% spam score.

This also one of the best ways to get good ranking in Google.

You can make backlink by Guest posting websites.

So here one question raise how to find guest posting website so don't worry just search with "write for us" in Google.

I have already described this topic deeply so if you want to read complete off-page SEO guide click here.

How to submit sitemap in Google search console

  • First, go to the search console website.
  • Sign up if don't have an account or sign in otherwise.
  • As you can see in the top left corner click on "add property".
  • Choose one out of two which type of domain you have.
  • After the verification of your website, I recommend you add code below the head on your website. This method is very effective.
  • Type "sitemap.xml" after your domain in browser search.
  • Then you get some XML code.
  • This is a sitemap of your website.
  •  So in the last submit in console.

Your code must below 50,000 URLs otherwise you have to separate them in different sitemap.

As you can see in the image this can help you much.

This video can help you to understand this Google webmaster tool


If you want to grow your website and want to get a good rank in Google. This tool will help you. This tool shows you current performance of your website.

Here you get the pros and cons of your website according to Google point of view.

And the main thing is Google search console is free cost, you don't have to pay any penny for this tool.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these informative ideas with us. In this post everything is written pretty well, I have been utilizing Google's Webmaster Tools intensely as I feel that there are a great deal of good data in there to improve your site. I especially focus on the new "search queries" feature and the "Crawl Errors" some portion of it. It is in every case great to investigate check whether there certain issues you need to fix while Google crawls your site. Amazing.


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