How to make free Blog on Blogspot 2020 beginner's guide

How to start a blog in Blogspot

How to make free Blog on Blogspot 2020 beginner's guide

Nowadays, there are many ways to share such things.

That you like a video, image, and anything that you and want that other one also like.

There are many ways to share likes Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many high authority platform.

Apart from these a Blog also has the power to share very good content.

Yeah, it is unusual for ordinary guys but for bloggers and digital marketers and newbies.

It is money making platform through it they fulfill their pocket by popularity and money also. 

That's why the blogging industry nowadays is a cash cow.

Here some popular name I think you might know them like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Harsh Agarwal, etc.

They are known as professional bloggers as well as digital marketer also.

Do you also want to include in this list then follow it as a beginner.

I damn sure after following it you'll get great knowledge as a beginner in blogger.

After completion of it, you check our next guide which will be very valuable for you.

After getting knowledge as a beginner here some point you should know about them are-

Important topics in Blogging

Please check it if you really want to make a career in blogging.

Before starting it I want to give you some advice that can be very helpful to you.

That is Blogging is just not a career it is also a respected and responsible duty because many visitors and followers have trust in you. 

On your tips, on your views, so take care of it. Whatever number of followers you have it doesn't matter.

Let's come on the topic so, we talking about "How to make free blog on Blogspot".

Blogspot is a free platform to create free blogging website which is run by Google.

It has some advantages and disadvantages. But nowadays few people use it.

Some people have fond of writing and some people are beginners in blogging. These peoples are included in it.

Nowadays this market has become very competitive because many competitors like wordpress and Wix hold a very large amount of market share in comparison to Google's blogger.

But here some points on which Google's blogger comes higher in rank.


  • It provides you free domain but in condition of subdomain(
  • Its security level is very high and also it won't charge you for your website security.
  • Blogger gives you a free SSL certificate which you need to get a good rank in Google. 
  • It gives you free hosting services and it has less load time.
  • It has some additional features like adding a custom domain, adding a free template that beautifies your website and increase the probability of getting a good rank.

Overall thing it is a free platform from where you learn about the basics of blogging

According to me you should start from this platform.

Because it does not need any investment.

How to make free Blog on Blogspot 2020 beginner's guide

The speed testing tool is Gtmetrix it is a very reliable tool.

As you can see website speed is fair.


  • It doesn't have a free great plugin to do SEO on your website.
  • The Templates of blogger is not so much beautiful in comparison to other website.
  • subdomain destroys the chance to get rank in google.
  •  It doesn't have additional support to increase our rank.
  • Due to time-stamped entries in the link of website decrease the SEO impact.

The thing is that it doesn't have enough features to beat your competition in your niche.

 According to my advice if you have knowledge about blogging of 6-12 months and have some money for investment then you can change the platform.

According to me you should choose Wordpress because it has much more feature in comparison to Blogspot.

Creating Free Blog step by step

Firstly you have to go to the website

This video will remove your doubt about the blogger.

video from sidtalk

And login if you have an account in blogger otherize make new account it's free of cost. It just need a Gmail address.

Then click on the new blog button.

Then enter your blog title (your new website name) and your website address which must be unique.

How to make free Blog on Blogspot 2020 beginner's guide

As you can see in the image.

Then choose a theme pick which is suitable for your blog

And click on button create blog and YAY! congratulation your blog has created.

Now Google Domain will ask you for buying a custom domain for your blog. 

It depends on your choice.

Then you see the user-friendly environment of blogger.

There you can write a new post, see comments, see your earnings, themes and many more.

And now you can write your first post of your blogging career.

But before you start according to me you should add Page in your blog to make it a professional blog.

So for it, you have add some page names are about, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Terms and condition. 

These pages make your blog more professional and gives different look and increase your blog authenticity in the eye of your blog visitor and google also.

According to Google's AdSense rules.

It is necessary to all websites that must have these four pages privacy policy, terms and conditions, Disclaimer, About pages.

 If you don't have these pages then AdSense will not give you approval.

One correction is remaining that in Blogger you got domain which has in the last.

So according to AdSense,  Adsense will give you approval.

But the approval procedure and time duration will around 4-6 months. 

You can decrease the time duration by buying a custom domain it can be- .com,.in, whatever you want.

This video will help How to add custom domain?

Video from techno vedant

Then you can understand how important is it?

Then a question raises that

"How to generate these privacy policy, T&C, Disclaimer ?"

No need to write it yourself. Here some tools that will help you to generate it.

Here is the link of the website -

Privacy policy

Terms and condition


And in the last, you have to write your own about us page.

And the other thing you should do after it is to add a very attractive template on your blog.

 On the internet there are both free and paid templates are available you can choose any one of them.

But I am giving you a free template which is light in size and attractive look and SEO Friendly.

Here is the link click here.

After downloading template

Steps are given following to "add theme template" are-

  • Click on the theme button.
  • then click on backup/restore button for the backup of the current theme.
  • click on edit HTML button.
  • remove all the codes of current themes and paste the code of the new theme.
  • Click on Save theme button.

Please choose a template which locates your logo in the best position.

Yes! you have changed the theme of your website now check the new look of your website.

Wait a minute guys the work is not done here. 

After I recommend you add your website personal logo that shows your branding of the website.

And also a favicon also. 

The favicon is a small size of icon which size has 32*32 pixels as you can see in the image. 

The image size changing tool for you click here

It enhances the level of professional look of your website.

Steps how to add logo and favicon in blogger

  • Go to the layout section in blogger.
  • Click edit in favicon and paste your image must be 32*32 pixels in size.
  • Click on edit in the logo (if you don't logo section then please choose a template which locates your logo in the best position).
  • Paste your logo and click on save arrangement.

How to make free Blog on Blogspot 2020 beginner's guide

As you can see favicon of Google and Youtube.

Here blogger has updated their appearance.

But I am using the old one. You can check it by click on try the new blogger button.

And congratulation you have created a professional blog in free. Do you want to monetize it.

And want to make money through it. Most people say yes. then set up your Adsense account. 

Before starting it I want to notify you that Adsense place ads in your website pages. 

Before it, you have approval from Adsense to place the ads. 

 Some rules that you have to follow to get Adsense approval in your website.

  • You have to post around 10-15 post in your blog.
  • You must have an SSL certificate.
  • Your content must be meaningful, good length, unique.
  • You must have got fair traffic through which you will get your earning.

Here is my other article which tell you about the AdSense and many more thing that you need to know click here.

So after all process, your blog is ready for monetization and for visitors also.

This article is only for all and but especially for those who want to start something online in the blogging field.

 So this article belongs to that peoples. 

I started my blogging journey and thinking about to shift on Wordpress. 


As I previously told you blogging is just not a career it is responsible duty so don't take it easy. 

You have to make consistency and reply to all of your follower that like your content.

And also publish meaningful article in your blog. Blogspot is a free platform this is the initial point of your blogging career

And this platform will teach you basic that every blogger must know.

How to start our article in wordpress in a little bit of investment.

Do you want this article then please comment and say yes "I want it"?

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