How to Score a Great 100% on Google Page Speed Test

page speed by google

Page speed matters too much in eye of Google, Is Google satisfied with your site speed? let's chek out the advance solution that nobody is telling you.

Suppose you have just made a website it can be your own or for company. And in really because I know you gave so much time to make web design positioning of buttons or controlling element.

Not only you, I also gave countless hours to make it eligible for SEO. But the problem is speed, You can measure page speed by google.

On coming the topic of SEO it is a very essential factor for ranking websites. Suppose you have an affiliate website, speed matters on your business because the conversion rate also depends on speed.

It affects your affiliate business and produce ups and downs in business growth. If you don't fix it now, you will lose a lot of money.

On increasing speed of your website. For this problem, you don't need any programming skills to fix poorly written code that consume more space.

Are you struggling with increasing bounce rate? Then you can check page speed by google. It gives you an idea and reasons which thing is reducing your website speed.

It is the best tool for beginners. I also use it for my website to get a rough idea. The full name of the tool is Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google preferred that website for their user or customer which loads quickly. The faster your site loads, the lower your bounce rate.  

You should say thanks to Google because it's a free tool that helps you to find your reason behind the slow site speed.

Here's How to Score 100% on page speed by google

The first that come in your mind that-

Why we are giving too much priority to Page Speed?

Site Speed is one of the critical factors that Google considers. This factor has the power to make your website rank.

You can find out by reading this example-

Backlinko Experiment on Page Speed

Backlinko conducted an experiment where they study around one million search results on Google.

In this experiment, they found one common thing in all websites which are ranking on the first page on Google. Can you predict that reason, Yes website speed.

This is the most common factor behind the sites which are ranking first page on Google. It's a huge factor.

That all the websites have the same thing. Excellent speed on their site.

Along with this, they have a very low bounce rate compare to second and after second-page results.

page speed by google

It means suppose someone visits your website and your site takes time around 10 sec. to load then your site bounce rate will be around 123% means very negligible traffic.

If you remember about the Backlinko experiment in which I told you, the top-ranking websites on Google's first page have around 3 sec. Site speed.  

According to the Google report, slow speed websites exist in every industry but especially in the tech industry most of the website in this industry takes time nearly 11 seconds to load.

This is very far because the best site speed should be under or equal to 3 seconds.

Google also consider it for ranking any website. 

Portent Experiment on Page Speed

Portent also research on this topic and found that if you decrease your site speed from two to one second then it can double your traffic and revenue also.

The most common and basic thing that makes a page bulky, is poor coding and bulky images.

According to the solution here you have to buy or use light website themes and for bulky images you should use image compressing tool like compress jpeg. I'll dive in this topic in the last.

That can help you to increase your page speed by google.

Do you know that according to Google the best page size should be under 500kb.

Reasons Behind Poor Page Speed

One main thing is responsible for it that is your hosting, If your blog/website is made in Google's Blogspot, then you need to change it.

page speed by google

I'm not saying Blogspot hosting is worst it gives you free SSL certificate, security and many more.

But after adding stuff like scripts of Adsense for monetizing your blog, adding a share button. So these elements on your blog can decrease your page speed by google.

If you want to start your blog and if you have no guidance then you can take guidance from our article "How to make a blog" for free.

I think your site could have an internal issue it is generally in exceptional cases and most of the websites have the same problem as their hosting problem, poorly coded programs, and the bulky images all the problem and their solutions I'll teach in the last.

If you don't have any of these problems on your site. It can be an internal issue in your website that making it a time-consuming thing.

In this case, find the solution that perfectly matches your problem from the internet like google, youtube. I recommend this method.

This internal issue can be hosting setting or anything.

If you don't about" How to get traffic from Google?" then it can be for you, check it out now. It tells you about SEO everything that no one will tell you.   

How to check your Site Page Speed by Google

I think you already know that slow site speed can kill your conversion rate and vanishes your profit.

The main thing is here to do the right thing that can help you to score 100% on the test page speed by google.

To check your pros and cons of your website go to the Google pagespeed insight and enter your website url and hit the analyze button.

Wait a few minutes to generate your site speed report. The generated report tells your site performance and drawbacks.

So let's checks out my site report on this tool.

page speed by google

I got 56 out of 100. It's a fair score. It's not excellent but it not poor also.

Now keep the eye on my perfectly optimized things that consumes less time.

page speed by google

As you can see images on my website consumes less space due to compressed.

And here's my site drawback points. 

page speed by google

This information tells me about the excellent points which made my site faster and on the other hand, some problems that can be solved by putting some effort.  

It's an already understood thing that you have to look after every element to reach a 100% score on test page speed by google.

Check Page Speed by Google Specifically for Mobile Phones

Now the next thing, after around 2010 internet usage through mobile is exponentially increased in comparison to desktop or laptop.

That's why mobile site speed and mobile-friendly themes also matters. On Google pagespeed insight have special column for mobile from you can see specific report for mobiles only.

Google also gives us different tool for this problem that helps you to make your site faster according to mobile phones.

All procedure is same that you had done in Google pagespeed insight.

To get mobile-specific website speed results enter a site url and hit the enter button.

Google will take a few minutes to forge a report for you. It has some advantages to use this tool is it gives you detailed performance of your website compare to industry criteria.

It gives you a revenue calculator that shows how much money you lose due to your site speed. Just put your current site speed, monthly traffic, conversion rate and price of your product and service.

And tada you can see how many dollars you loosed. 

Now let's come on the topic.

4 Ways to score 100% on Google Page Speed Test

It's not easy to get 100% on the test page speed by google. It can take a long time around a week. With the time you have to put your all efforts with these hours.

By doing this you can generate more traffic, reduce bounce rates and get good conversion rates.

Here are the ways and the key of success to increase page speed by google.

Compress Image

As I already told you mostly heavy images consumes time. This is the biggest secret of pages that ranks on Google. Generally newbies doesn't notice it and make mistake here.

But it matters on Google ranking, If you are doing this mistake then stop doing this and recover the previous and get a very good impact from Google.

If you are using Blogger then I'll recommend you compress jpeg tool that will helps you to compress your image in any format like jpeg, jpg, png.

page speed by google

You can compress up to 20 images in a single time. This feature makes it faster.

As you can see in this image this tool compresses my image up to 44%. By it, you can guess how you can remove excess image size and jumps into more traffic and more revenue.

And for wordpress user I recommend, you should use wp smush even Neil Patel also recommend it.

 Neil Patel's and my favorite tool is the WP smush image. It will automatically detect images and compress them.

page speed by google

You can smush(compress)  up to 50 images. 

If you enable the automatic setting then you don't worry about your image compression. 

WP smush is a very good and free tool for any wordpress user. I generally prefer this tool for you.

You use all these tools and try it on your own website and you can use other tools in case if you can't use plugins.

Use W3 Total Cache

Sorry for the blogger users, it is only for the wordpress users. So here a question "How W3 total cache works". 

Suppose You visit a website for your first time it may take a few time but after it, you revisit on their site it takes very little time to load. So here the website owner used w3 total cache.

page speed by google

This tool stored site data that you have already visited and if you visit the site again, instead of loading again for the data it loads previously saved data on your browser so this works faster in comparison to send request to site server and get data from server.  

That's why it more effective for its user and helps them for producing more and more traffic.

And thankfully for this plugin you don't need any web expert for this tool.

W3 total cache has over 1 million installs on wordpress and most dominant tool in this field.

This tool helps you in minify HTML(which will be the next one), Javascript and CSS that improves your performance and helps you to get better ranking in Google.

Try it and boost your site speed without using coding.

Minify HTML

It is a tool to minimize HTML code. Because HTML is a hypertext markup language. It is one of the important language that is used to design or build a beautiful website.

Minimizing HTML codes means it removes or fix unnecessary HTML codes that doesn't play any role in your website or removes duplicated data that produce zero impact.

This tool is all about fixing, removing useless codes, compress codes. So you think this needs a website expert.

I am very happy to say No because all this work you can do with the help of minify HTML plugin of Wordpress and again bad news for blogger users.

That's why it worth importance minimize HTML code

You can install this plugin directly from wordpress.

page speed by google

That's why I'm encouraging you to join Wordpress and grow business or blog exponentially because wordpress has a very wide range of tools or plugins that helps you too much and takes less time.

Install this plugin, do accurate setting and get more traffic.


Amp stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It's a project done by Google in case to make mobile pages faster. Basically, it removes all the beautiful design and unnecessary content and make page light.

That's why it loads faster than any other page. It load quickly and shows content to mobile user.

That's its main aim, basically this project targets only mobile phones.

There are many companies that are taking benefits from AMP. 

If you want to start using AMP on your website. 

page speed by google

It also available on Wordpress plugins list. AMP provides you easy drag and drop facility to make your page design by adding elements. It's one of the friendly method to make friendly and fast pages.

AMP is very good plugin to increase your speed up to less than a second. Many people found their success, search your success.

You can take help from this video-

I have a list of these type of Wordpress plugin that can help you to make your traffic and revenue both double and much more check it now.


Site speed plays a major role in SEO. Because whenever a site takes around 10 seconds to load so it has to happen visitors back to Google and go to the other website.

This is the process how you lose the traffic which can be yours, if your site takes a long time. 

This 21st-century people don't want to wait 10 seconds because they have very low attention time. 

And Google also keeping an eye on user experience if Google sees you have a high bouncing rate then it' down your ranking.

If you do all these tricks then definitely you'll score 100% or close to it in this test page speed by google. 

So let's revise all that thing 

First of all, find the problem which makes your website slower using Google pagespeed insight and special tool by Google for mobile phones.

Improve your image size by compressing them, efficiently with 0% quality loss.

Make site faster using cache plugins and AMP plugin.

Minimize HTML code without any website expert or without paying any single dollar.

Now check your page speed by google.

So I have taught you everything about speed test that what I know, now the turns is yours.

What are the excellent methods that you found to get better speed? 

Give the answer in Comments

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